BuyKnowing is finishing development and launch of the hottest new shopping technology tools. After speaking with tech & ecommerce leaders, we've received huge interest in our latest ecommerce tools and are very excited about the potential of our product's initial release.

This is where you come in. Keep in mind as you read the following list of requirements that we are eager to engage you even if you do not feel that you are a perfect match on every single item.


Completed or pursuing a B.S., M.S., or PhD in Computer Science or a related field
Passion for rapidly designing and implementing clean, scalable code
Experience developing web applications
Proficiency writing server-side code with PHP, Python, and MySQL (or related)
A strange, inexplicable urge to write code at random hours of the night

Experience creating web crawlers/spiders
Firm knowledge of database design principles
Exposure to Natural Language Processing and/or Machine Learning

If you have some or all of the qualities mentioned above, please don't hesitate to contact us right away. We are working with major tech and ecommerce companies and are moving very quickly towards launching soon, so we are interested in engaging you immediately. We are very dedicated to what we are doing, so we are offering you a competitive salary (to be determined by what you have to offer), equity in a promising new company, and most importantly, the chance to be an engineer in an agile, fast-paced environment where you will not be micro-managed. As a developer on our team, you will have lots of responsibility and with it the freedom to determine the course of your own actions. Rather than suffocate in a spider web of managers and messy documentation, you should be excited at the thought of a blank text-editor where you'll determine the best methods of designing and implementing a great new web technology.

In addition to being a talented software developer, we will consider you an ideal candidate if you can demonstrate that you'd like to think outside the box about the relationship of your software engineering to our overall business strategy and approaches towards the many problems we are solving. We know that what we're creating can add a lot of value to a lot of companies, and we'd like for you to share this same sense of dedication and desire to explore our potential.

Please inquire at

Thank you for your interest in our company - we look forward to hearing from you!

The BuyKnowing Team